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About Vyacheslav Hursenko

…. There is no time for a stop,
Where is my country, how I old...
Eternal love is simply a mist,
There is no new life without fresh wounds.
There is no new life... without fresh wounds.

… Last dance over the earth,
And plunge to abysm, follow birds…

A dance over the earth is last
Then plunge to abysm, which is vast
From Vyacheslav Hursenko's song ‘Last instant’

It is difficult to write about Vyacheslav Hursenko as person who is not with us already… It is hard to believe he left this earth so early - he was only 43 years old… Has left in the prime of life, having not finished singing his songs, not fulfilling the plans he had, not receiving gratitude and glory he deserved… Vyacheslav was talented singer, composer, poet. Unfortunately, on September, 8th, 2009 the life of the excellent musician has unexpectedly closed. It is hard to reconcile with this tragedy not only to the relatives and friends of Vyacheslav, but also to its numerous admirers...

I never personally knew this gifted person, but his songs always caused response in my heart. They do reflect the shining inner world of the singer and his gentle soul, inspiration and sincerity without which he could not create. Listening to ‘young falcons’ performed by Vyacheslav Hursenko, involuntary tears pour from the eyes because you cannot but feel the shrill pain and despair, love and tenderness which the author invested into this song.

Undoubtedly – Vyacheslav was one of those outstanding persons who do love art in themselves, not themselves in the art… He was far from vanity, epatage and cheap glory. He never made the way to the stage by doubtful methods, unlike many others do. He was devoid of impudence, egoism, boasting. His sincere love to music was the true value for Hursenko. For the sake of he did not compromised with the conscience, did not cave in, did not beg, did not fawn. He always remained himself, he possessed internal culture and self-esteem – that is, the qualities which they do not love and do not perceive in the show business.

Khursenk left this world young... The official version says that he was ill with diabetes, and died of a diabetic coma... Even if this version is true, I am convinced that Vyacheslav's physical illness and tragic departure is only a consequence. And the reason consists in his refined nature and emotional stress which resulted resulted into physical illness. Creative loneliness and absence of demand, frequent depressions he had in the last years of could not but impact his health. He was romantic and sensitive nature. Therefore the indifference to his art, envy, absence of understanding – have made the "dirty deed".

Certainly – Vyacheslav Hursenko had admirers, people who loved and understood his art. But, unfortunately they had no professional abilities, nor financial possibilities to help the musician. Those who could offer a helping hand - for some reason did not help, did not support... Shortly before death of Slava, one friend whom he did not see for a long time, asked him: ‘Well, writing songs?’. “Yes, I do write... But who needs them?» - answered the musician sadly. Vyacheslav performed rarely during the last years, he was not invited to TV, the songs were rarely broadcasted by radio.

The worthless puppets with no voices nor selfhood – do clown on the stage, lyp-sync. The have rich producers, expensive advertising, rotation on TV and radio. Hursenko was creating, he wrote texts and music, sang. He dreamt to be heared, understood, apprehended. But, with his fine sincere voice, melodious touching songs – he stayed in vacuum and oblivion last years of live. Could his heart not ache and not be contracted from melancholy? Could he reconcile with absence of creative realisation and impossibility to discover his talent to the world?

Why do many, bright creative persons leave from us after having lived short life, having remained without due attention of the producers, without finding a worthy support of the ‘sharks’ of show business? Or it is really the area of show and business, not accepting the gifted musicians and true art? To lose Vladimir Vysotsky, Victor Tsoy, Igor Talkov, Murata Nasyrov, now - Vyacheslav Hursenko, means, to lose our culture, to make life emptier and colourless. These musicians are irreplaceable – neither in creative, nor in human aspect… Each of them gave this world a unique ray of light, beauty and good.

...When statements are made that our people needs three chords, and a “format” by someone invented, I will answer: only those who came up with such bosh do need it, those who are not capable to perceive beautiful, not ordinary, intelligent music. People had listened and do listen the Russian groups: ‘Aria’, ‘Time machine’, ‘Aquarium’, ‘Revival’, ‘Nautilus Pompilius’, ‘Cinema’; the Ukrainian groups: Cry of Jeremiah’, ‘Viy’, ‘Gaydamaki’, ‘Tartak’, ‘Okean Elzy’, whose music is an antithesis to mediocrity and greyness. These groups have many admirers. On TV they mainly rotate the singing pants with silicone brains, this is the problem of our society, profanation of the art. With rare exception, we practically do not see bright, interesting, talented musicians. Vysotsky, Tsoy, Talkov, Nasyrov, Hursenko were constantly chased and their art was fought. Unfortunately, nerves and heart of these sensitive people have not endured such blatant counteraction and impact, intolerance and indifference. Somebody voluntary departed from life voluntarily or accelerated the demise, somebody was killed...

I am not an antagonist nor hypocrite. I do agree, show business needs half-naked beauties, shocking, masquerade. After all people also should relax sometimes. But I am against domination of the worthless, insipid ‘background’ music which impacts destructively the consciousness of people. Music has tens of styles and directions, but we are imposed and presented a ‘format’, ephemeral songs with three chords. It is boring to look look at frank shamelessness and platitude on the stage. I believe that sooner or later this monster will eat itself. Because besides a brilliant wrapper, people need the contents – intelligent, melodious, interesting music. It evokes feelings and emotions, reflexions and experiencing, enlightening the soul and the mind. Such music was created by Vyacheslav Hursenko.

It is hard to understand Slava is no more present on this earth... But his beautiful songs are here which cannot die. The pure soul musician, his love and inspiration do live in them.

Vyacheslav Hursenko – Falcons
Vyacheslav Hursenko – Cry of white cranes

I have dedicated the song ,,You will return’’ to Vyacheslav Hursenko...

I want to express sincere gratitude to Pavel Gavronov – for the excellent arrangement;

To Irina Karpenko and Valery Darchenko – for organisation and record of children's voices;

To Anatoly Rozanov – for the record of vocal and excellent mastering of the song.

The song ,,You will return’’
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