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Album "Light of the music"

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Album "Light of the music"

01 Following the sun

02 Loneliness


03 The dream


04 Little hippo


05 An advice


06 Grecian stocks


07 I believe


08 If there weren’t you


09 Kiss


10 Willow board


11 Near the garden


12 Evening glow


13 Confession


14 My darling, play me the silence -


When the album "Light of the music" has been completed, I felt myself as if I won the top of a mountain. Sometimes it has been unbearably difficult when moving ahead to the cherished goal… But step by step, higher and higher, I was going on climbing to the peak of high mountain. In the course of ascension there have been tiredness and breaks, doubts overcoming the heart and consciousness of complete loneliness. But all difficulties and obstacles have been overcome thanks to the aspiration to wonderful dream. Every thing can be beard for the sake of a shining top ahead – a heavy load, a frost and a cold wind puffing in the face, the body aching from tension and tiredness. Having stepped onto it, I felt pleasure and peace. And also I thanked the destiny for the forces and possibilities given to me.

When working on the second album, I met people who asked: «What for do you need this? Why don’t you live same as everybody else? What benefit does it bring?». Very simple standard questions, but how difficult is it to answer them… Do the charming flowers grow for the sake of profit? Do birds pursue a mercenary aim, flying in the sky? How to explain to some people, that not everybody comes to this world for just to immerse in carnal pleasures and material benefits? Every person has a mission and a goal in the life. Someone was born to be a wonderful surgeon, someone with mathematical or humanitarian skills… One dreams to become a captain of a ship since childhood and when grown up, navigates in the sea all his life, another one creates unique paintings and can’t imagine his life without brush and paints. (Everybody has own destiny and own way, as Taras Shevchenko said).

As to my life it is music that fills it with a deep sense, and adds bright colour to the running days. My spiritual essence is expressed in the songs which I sing. It is understood well by people who are not indifferent to my art. I am grateful to them for the perception of my musical vision. Without their emotional support and understanding I could not create, and, frankly speaking the album "Light of the music" could hardly be issued. Some people admit that listening to my songs they start thinking on the sense of life and do review their attitude to usual things … The songs cause joy and animation at ones, sadness and tears at others… It is called catharsis, or, in other words, purification and enlightening of soul. The surprising ability of the soul to feel delicately and to empathize is opening. If a person finds in my music something touching cords of the soul and not leaving him indifferent, it means that our hearts sound in a unison, and the world around gets filled with beauty and harmony.

I was lucky to record half of the songs making up the second album at the wonderful studio ‘Freestyle’. I want to express sincere gratitude to the real masters - Anatoly Rozanov and Sergey Severov. Also, from the bottom of the heart I thank the professional sound producer Peter Slivka.

My warm gratitude for laborious work comes to talented arrangers - Oleg Sheremenko, Valery Matveyev, Valery Darchenko. I want to thank a lot the talented arranger Dmitry Vashchuk with whom I begun to co-operate recently. Dmitry is very delicately perceiving the character of my songs, his arrangements are concurrent to the texts and music.

The mastering of the fourteen songs of the album became a finishing chord of the creative process. It has been made at the renown Moscow studio "Saturday", one of the most professional and known studios in CIS territory. I am sincerely grateful to the real master of his business - Andrey Subbotin for the top professionalism and an individual approach to the material of the customer. After the mastering, the music has transformed qualitatively, has got purer and more saturated sound.

P.S. My special acknowledgement to Sergey Nalesny. The non-indifference to my art and the effective assistance are for me a real source of inspiration and a beneficial ground for new achievements. It is an invaluable award - when people understand, appreciate, and practically support your art.

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