Music is the language of soul, the area of feelings and emotions, souls life expressed in sounds.

I welcome everyone who found a way to come to this site. I hope you are here not by chance and the music you can listen here will bring pleasant minutes to you.

Let me introduce myself I am Tanya Gosudareva. I live in the city of Poltava in Ukraine. My passion with music has begun in the childhood, and this call of soul is dominating my life till now. I graduated from Gadyach culture and educational school where I had studied full-time in choral department. I liked to study, and I tried to understand and master all that that was given in the course of study.

Listening to my songs, you will notice my love to polyphony. Predilection for such presentation is reflecting my taste and musical vision. Since childhood I love very much the polyphonic works, rich bright chords. That is why ABBA, Queen, Bee Gees are my favorite groups. Their unsurpassed vocal cannot leave you unmoved. Soloists of these groups are in certain sense my ideals, and their vocal presentation serves for me as a vivid example of high professionalism and masterly vocal control.

When recording the album I am free and completing the second album, I was creating the backing vocal myself. I would compare this process to the work of the arranger, but in vocal sense. After the main vocal, back vocal parts are recorded. To tell the truth, it is pleasant when people have an impression that a vocal team is singing along with me. No, it is not so. All you hear are my inventions and my voice. Plus the laborious work of sound producer. Somebody may consider such a manner of singing not up to date. Well, everyone has the right to a point of view, and I perfectly understand it. But, I prefer to do what is closer to my soul. I embody those ideas in my works which do the song bright and original. I am very grateful to those who understand my creativity.

In the album I am free you will hear songs in vigorous style, and sincere, lyrical works. This alternation expresses my aversion to monotony and one-sided sight at the music. Every man's work, whether it be literature, or music or pictures or architecture or anything else, is always a portrait of himself. Too true. I am bored with monotonous music I never understood the standard format and routine. This is my essence. It is difficult to listen to ten power, quick songs in a row, same as slow burning ones one after other, even if beautiful. When Vladimir Vysotsky was asked the question: What kind of person are you?, he answered: Various. I too would like to answer with the same words I am various. Therefore the songs are various in character and harmony, in texts. What is common for all my songs is what I believe is most important during their creation. It is emotional saturation, sincerity of feelings, and the text which is not leaving indifferent.

I want to reveal that all songs were made with soul and inspiration. I hope you will feel it

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Yours faithfully Tanya Gosudareva.

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